Monday, 24 September 2007

A little bit of therapy

Posted by Bonita


Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to update much since I've gone back to school a couple of weeks ago. Work and readings have started to pile up, extra-curricular activites have to be attended to and the ever-present F-word seems to be haunting my every step lately: the Future. Yes, so it's been a bit of a stressful time ("a bit" being the understatement of the year), so what better than a little culinary therapy, right?


I usually try to eat healthy when I'm back at school. I also tend to opt for things that I can make in less than 15 minutes and that can be made in huge batches so that I have dinner ready for the rest of the week. I've made Miso with Tofu and Nori soup a couple of times, and had it with some store-bought kimchi. It's really fast, really delicious and really good for you. The dashi stock was instant though, since I really don't have the time to make my own dashi stock. Despite the stock being instant, the soup still turns out really well.


With the stress of school and life, I needed to bake this past weekend. I made Chocolate Chip Muffins for my roommate Amy, since she likes to have a muffin for breakfast. I also made some Italian-inspired cookies, Chocolate Baci Cookies. The cookie base is really moist and rich, almost reminiscent of a brownie, while the nutella adds some smoothness to the cookie, and the toasted hazelnut some crunch. The cookies went over very well with my Italian Lit. class; my professor ended up eating half the box! Yeah...extra brownie points for me?!? Lol....these were really easy to make. You can find the recipe over at, a great food blog.


Oh yes, and I ended up picking up a case of Black Mission Figs this past weekend. Absolutely delicious simply served with some ricotta and honey. Delizioso! Also picked up a 10 kg bag of beets. Yes...10 kg! God knows what I'll end up doing with 10 kg worth of beets, but I plan to have a bit of experiment this weekend with dinner. I'm thinking Beet Risotto and Chocolate Beet Cake perhaps?!? Stay tuned and find out....

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  1. I'm glad the Baci cookies worked for you! I love it when people use my recipes.