About Me

Who am I?
Hi!  I'm Andrew, the now-sole author of this blog which is about, as you likely would have noticed by now, my adventures with food.  This originally started as a joint project with my sister who is also an avid foodie (and, dare I say it, a more proficient cook than I!), but she now has her own blog and I've taken over this one for myself.

I live and work in Brandon, MB since mid-2006.  Being originally from a suburb of Ottawa, ON and having studied at Waterloo, ON, moving to a small city like Brandon has been quite the experience, and so far it has been overall an enjoyable one.  Along with food, I've also been enjoying playing Ultimate and taking part in community theatre here.  I also love to travel when time and money permit, and often that includes experiencing the wonderful food offered wherever I go.

How did I get interested in food?
I believe there were several factors.  For one thing, my mother was and still is quite a capable cook and delighted me with so many wonderful dishes since childhood.  She was also willing to experiment both in the kitchen and when it came to eating.  With family also being important to us, whenever we ate at home or out we almost always ate together.  Food is also a significant part of Chinese culture; I believe the diversity of ingredients and dishes in Chinese cuisine, along with my upbringing in a country emphasizing on multiculturalism, allowed me to be as tolerant to try new foods as I am today.

There are understandably fewer unique or memorable places to go for food in a smaller city like Brandon, but I took that as a blessing in disguise, allowing myself to cook more often, thereby ensuring that I don't lose this art and that I better appreciate the time and effort put into making really good meals.  A funny sidebar to this is that, though I already knew how to cook a few basic items, my desire to cook really took off after living off cafeteria food during my first year in university!

What do I hope to bring to and get from this blog?
Through this blog I intend to bring you mainly these things:
  • My experiences in cooking especially new dishes; and
  • My experiences in trying memorable or at least notable dining establishments.
I would like to share my culinary adventures, which may not always be successful, and along the way I hope to help open your eyes to the world of food.  In return I hope that you enjoy my adventures, try them yourself, share with me your own adventures and even be able to swap ideas and pointers.  I'm especially by no means a perfect cook and I may not be able to have my ear always to the ground, so to anyone with better ideas, methods or leads about places to eat, I'm all ears!

Bon apétit!