Monday, 13 August 2007

The sweeter side of life

Posted by Bonita


There's no question that I have a major sweet tooth. Despite my sweet tooth, I usually don't have dessert. Dessert for me usually consists of fresh fruit. However, I made dessert the other day because I felt like it. I had a pint of raspberries, some fresh blueberries I picked up earlier that day from the market and cream in the fridge, so I quickly whipped up a Berry Fool. Nothing beats a really simple but comforting dessert.


Also tried some Sicilian Cannoli the other day from a little Italian café, Johnny Guido's, down at Preston Street (the heart of Little Italy here in Ottawa). We actually first about their cannoli on the local news a couple of weeks ago, and my mom has been meaning to try them out. Being in the area that day, we picked some up on the way home. It was my first time having cannoli, and they were delicious. The fried, crispy cookie and the delicious rich, creamy ricotta filling....mmmmmmm......


  1. Wow, and I'd thought you'd heard of cannoli long before thanks to your Italian classes or watching all those Everyday Italian episodes!
    -A :oP

  2. I have heard of cannoli before :P I'm talking about the ones specifically from this place, Johnny Guido's.