Friday, 8 March 2013

Return to The Stockyards

On my first full day of my Christmas vacation in Ontario, my sister took me to The Stockyards for lunch.  I tried The Stockyards' fried chicken and ribs the previous Christmas holiday for take-out, and with my sister having talked about the small joint's brunches favourably several times, I had to try it for myself as well.
As I waited for my meal to arrive I quenched my thirst with the house-made ginger iced tea as I was not in the mood for coffee.  It was mild on the sweetness and had a decent zing of the ginger.
I ordered the Eggs Creole, a variation of the classic Eggs Benedict, with poached eggs, citrus hollandaise sauce, and house cured andouille sausage on English muffins.  Unfortunately the restaurant was out of deep fried oysters; they were substituted with grilled shrimp.  I enjoyed the andouille sausage, and the citrus hollandaise provide just a hint of tang to add another dimension of flavour to this dish.
I also got to try my sister's order, a signature brunch dish from this place, Fried Chicken and Waffles.  Drizzled over both the chicken and waffles was not just simple maple syrup, but a chilli maple molasses citrus glaze, giving the chicken a nice kick with a sweet finish to lessen the sting of the chilli.  Who says you can't top waffles with meat on the bone?  The Stockyards proved it's quite deliciously possible!

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