Thursday, 7 February 2013

A Kawaii-zy Creperie

On one daytrip in September 2012 to Winnipeg I didn't have time to enjoy a full-service dinner, so I wanted to find a preferably different and untried place for a quick bite to eat.  Apparently a creperie had opened fairly recently in Osborne Village, and since I hadn't had a crepe for a while, I had to visit this place.  Kawaii Crepe serves both savoury and sweet crepes, and serves them differently than crepes I've had elsewhere in the past.  "Kawaii" means cute in Japanese, and apparently the crepes are made in a distinctly Japanese style; no simple rolls served on plates, the crepes here are folded into flat triangles and served open-ended on stands, allowing one to steadily chomp on them like one would an ice cream cone.
Lychee flavoured green tea
I ordered a lychee flavoured green tea, which was ready within a couple of minutes of my making my order and paying for it at the cashier.  It wasn't really a thirst-quencher, but it at least helped me enjoy a late summer's evening.
A look inside The Uptown.
I was in the mood for a savoury crepe, so I tried The Uptown, which was filled with chicken, avocado and a citrus chipotle mayo.  Further to the presentation, the crepes here were also different in that they were crispier on the edges.  Overall I did enjoy this, so one night in October I decided to give a sweet one a try.  Unfortunately, the Tiramisu crepe's stuffing was layered rather than mixed, which meant I hit the milder whip cream on top and hit the strongly sweeter tiramisu filling at the bottom and was unable to finish that one.  I wouldn't mind going back there to try at least another savoury crepe; it's nice to see an increasing diversity of faster (or at least faster) food beyond burgers and sandwiches.

Name: Kawaii Crepe
Address: 201-99 Osborne St., Winnipeg, MB
Cuisine: Crepes
Price Range: $10-$20
Accessible: No

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