Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chinese New Year and Lieutenant-Governor's Winter Festival 2011

Gung Hei Fat Choy/Gong Xi Fa Cai!  May you and yours have good health, good wealth and plenty of good fortune!

Today is the Lunar New Year and it's the beginning of another Year of the Rabbit.  My time to make dinner tonight will be limited, but I intend to make something decent to ring in the new year before I proceed to other activities tonight; expect a blog post on that.

Also, to all the Brandonites, Western Manitobans and all others able to visit Brandon this weekend, starting tonight is the 8th Annual Lieutenant-Governor's Winter Festival.  Though this year the ever popular German and Chinese pavilions may be missed, there are still thirteen pavilions across the city featuring cultures from around the world, celebrating them and sharing them with others through food, drink and entertainment.  New pavilions include the Brazilian and the Ethiopian ones, while other mainstays like the Métis, Ukrainian and Irish pavilions are back once again.  For once since I've moved here, the weather gods have heard our prayers, and the weather will be very comfortable; the only potential drawback is that many others will be more tolerant of the line-ups to enter the pavilions.  Don't let the line-ups scare you, though.  If you've never experienced this, you're missing out on something fun to do with friends and family on a mid-winter weekend.  This event runs tonight (Thursday), Friday night and Saturday from 1pm-11pm.  Yes, I'll try to take pics of my culinary adventures through these pavilions and post them here; from bison stew to perogies and beers and liquors from the featured cultures, there's plenty to tempt the tastebuds!

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