Monday, 3 January 2011

Where There's Smoke... There's Meat

KFC and Chicken Chef, eat your hearts out.  I just discovered some even more delicious fried chicken.

After arriving in Toronto with my sister late Sunday afternoon from a busy post-Christmas drive from Ottawa, neither of us were in the mood for cooking and we had virtually nothing in the fridge, so she and I agreed to do some takeout.  Now, Swiss Chalet was an option (and she knows I've a serious weakness for the Chalet sauce), but when she also suggested The Stockyards, I couldn't resist trying this unique local haunt.  Thank goodness my curiosity was well rewarded.

The Stockyards Fried Chicken in a take-out box, minus a drumstick, traded for one of my sister's smoked pork ribs.

My sister had the Stockyards Fried Chicken before, so this time she ordered a half rack of ribs.  That didn't stop me from ordering fried chicken for myself on my first trip to this small nook on St. Clair West a few blocks west of Bathurst.  The buttermilk marinated fried chicken was fabulous and surprisingly felt less greasy than I expected considering its fried nature, still maintaining a crispy outside despite steaming in its own heat for ~10 minutes.  The fall-off-the-bone ribs had a hint of smokiness to them, and its marinade was neither burnt nor overpowering the meat's own flavour.  Trust me when I say that the chicken and ribs are worth the prices compared to some franchises that sell fried chicken and/or ribs at cheaper rates.

The next time I can swing by this place, I'd like to try one of its burgers or sandwiches.  This is a small place, and no reservations are accepted, so if you can't get a seat inside, it might not be a bad thing to order take-out.  Just keep focused on your driving or walking as the aromas waft past your nose.

Name: The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder
Address: 699 St. Clair Ave. W., Toronto, ON
Cuisine: Contemporary, BBQ
Price Range: $10-$15
Accessible: Yes

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  1. Love it. Happy new year to you, and a great 2011 to all!