Sunday, 28 March 2010

Where in the Land of Food Have I Been?

Short answer: absent.

I'd been having a busy schedule once again the last couple of months. If my evenings or weekends weren't involving work, it was either curling, indoor Ultimate or especially the local production of "West Side Story". Though "West Side Story" was done earlier this month, a bad cold took its place and I was certainly not in the mood to do any big cooking the following week. With such a tight schedule, I only spend time making things I know how to make, and make plenty of it, usually over a weekend so that I'd have enough leftovers to last me through the following work week.

Well, this weekend, there's no musical production of which to be concerned, curling season's over, I've gotten back my energy I lost during my illness, and I've doctor's orders to not play Ultimate for at least this week. I'm certainly not happy about the last item, but then again, after three weeks of bronchitis I can't aggravate my lungs any further.

That, however, is a blessing in disguise, for it has allowed me to do some experimental cooking which I plan to do shortly this morning. Pictures and an entry will be forthcoming. I'm definitely looking forward to the results of my latest endeavour.

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