Sunday, 1 June 2008

What's been cooking?

Posted by Bonita

It's certainly been awhile, but alas, I did not forget this blog nor have I suddenly found a distaste for food. Far from that! Rather, I've been busy preparing the move to my new blog. Yes, after much thought and deliberation on my part, I've decided to part ways with Andrew here and create my own separate blog.

It's certainly been an amazing past year here. Looking back, I've made quite a few things. Some were great, while some turned out to be disasters. More importantly, I've had some great friends and family to share my culinary adventures along the way. Food is nothing, and honestly cannot be thoroughly enjoyed, if you don't do it properly and in good company. I hope to continue this tradition with my new blog. It's one thing to cook and eat good food, but nothing makes me more excited when I can share it with others, literally and virtually. I also want to thank my brother, Andrew, for having shared this space with me the past year. It's been fun, and we've had our fair share of delicious meals together. And it certainly won't be the last! You'll just have to come home more often...

Please come check out my new home, Bon Eats, where I hope to continue to share my passion and adventures in all things culinary with everyone!

To Bonita's new food blog --> Bon Eats

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