Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Creamy Breakthrough

Posted by Andrew

Alright, so I botched on my first couple of attempts at making cream-based dishes. This year was my first in trying to make creamy dishes for mainly two reasons. First, cream isn't a typical Chinese ingredient, and second, creamy dishes can be quite heavy and filling. Undeterred, however, this time around I snooped around the 'net for a recipe for creamy pasta, and I found something interesting, Fettucine with Chicken and Bell Pepper Cream Sauce.

At first I was a bit surprised at how much cream the recipe asked for as well as how little pasta in relation to the rest of the ingredients; I opted, as usual, to go with 1/2 a package (~450g) of fettucine. In spite of the amount of cream it didn't taste as heavy as I'd feared, although it was slightly on the richer side. I only needed to added a dash of salt to the dish in the end, and the crushed chilis definitely gave a subtle kick at the back of my palate. The use of chicken thighs rather than breast ensured that the meat was on the tender side and didn't clash with the rest of the dish in terms of texture.

Overall I enjoyed the dish, and I was happy I was successful with a cream-based dish at last. The only aspect I might critique with respect to this dish is the eventual softness of the bell pepper slices in the sauce. I guess I've been more used to crisper cooked bell peppers thanks to Chinese stir-fries.

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