Friday, 24 August 2007

Just peachy

Posted by Bonita


It's that time of year again, when beautiful fresh, local produces start hitting the stores and markets in huge baskets and bins, tempting and seducing keen foodies like myself. I love peaches. They're probably one of my favourite fruits (although to be quite honest, there are very few fruits I don't love. What can I say? I could eat fruits all hours of the day!). From the fuzzy, blushing exterior to the orangey-yellow, juicy flesh, peaches are to die for, especially when it's in season and in abundance. At my home, we used to can peaches all the time around this season. We would pick up a good number of baskets of peaches, skin them, pit them, quarter them and can them. This allows us to preserve the fresh, juicy sweetness of the peaches and enjoy any time of the year, even in the dead of winter!


However, for some reason, we stopped canning peaches for a few years, and it wasn't until last year, after I mentioned how much I missed those canned peaches, that we started the tradition again. I myself am now old enough to actually be of use in the kitchen while canning, and have become part of the production line, where I, often or not, am responsible for peeling the peaches. We made a good number of canned peaches the other day, and had some leftover. Rather than can some more, I thought I would make some Peach Jam with the remaining peaches to change things up a bit. After having successfully made some delicious Apricot Preserves earlier this summer, I definitely wasn't worried about making jam this time around. It was quick and simple, and I'm sure when I have it on my toast tomorrow morning, it will be delicious! And I absolutely love the colour of the final product of this jam; it's such a beautiful golden yellow! It's rays of sunshine and all things summer all bottled up into little jars! :D

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