Monday, 16 July 2007

Visiting Family Leaves Its Mark

Posted by Andrew

Man, I know I've been spoiled by especially my Mom and sis when they visited me as part of our trip to the Rockies last month. My family decided to stay in town another week before we went our separate ways from Winnipeg during the Canada Day long weekend. In that time Mom managed to make me some nice dishes including lobster in ginger and green onion sauce. Bonita also delighted me with some of her cooking and baking. Her last Wednesday night here, she made choco-espresso biscotti for my colleagues the next morning; they went quickly. Friday morning, she made blueberry muffins, and they, fresh out of the oven, went even more quickly. And of course, she made that chocolate mousse cake for my belated birthday.

To top it all off, my sis made me a large batch of veggie lasagna. OK, so normally I don't go veggie, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to cut back on the meat just a bit once in a while, and according to my sis she finds the veggie recipe more appetizing. On top of that, it's got mushrooms and spinach instead of beef, and since I can handle mushrooms and spinach very well, why not try it? So, with that she made one for me and popped it in the freezer, ready to be cooked and eaten at my whim.

Bonita, thank you for the lasagna, it was very good! Of course, there was so much of it I could only eat one quarter of it on Saturday night. (To give you folks out there an idea of scale, the width of the glass pan is about 30cm or 1'.)

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