Sunday, 22 July 2007

Around town

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My parents have been meaning to take me this a local Farmer's Market for some time now. However, it seems that whenever we have a Sunday where we're actually free, it would be raining cats and dogs. We finely made our way down to the market today with the gorgeous weather outside. It wasn't a terribly large market, but they were all selling locally grown produce or locally made products, like sausages, jams, baked goods, etc. We ended up picking up some fresh veggies: broccoli, new red potatoes, a cabbage, a bunch of sweet Spanish onions and a dozen sweet corn.


Since we were in town, I wanted to swing by the Byward Market, one of my favourite places here in Ottawa. It's an absolutely beautiful place, with the market itself, cute boutiques and many many restaurants. However, before heading to the Byward area, we made a quick pit-stop at Bridgehead for some coffee. Bridgehead is actually a local coffee chain that specializes in fair-trade and organic coffee. Coffee was good, definitely comparable to Starbucks, although I still think Starbucks has the strongest, most potent brew (mmmm....).


With a coffee in hand, I thought that I was missing something to go along with my coffee. There's a lovely little French bakery in the Byward area, The French Baker, which features probably THE best croissants in the whole city. The are made with pure, all butter, resulting in a super rich, super flaky (and super fatty) croissant. These pastries are actually hard to come by because they fly right off the shelves. There's always a huge line-up right out the door on weekends, and they sell out quite quickly. But hey, if you're going to have a croissant, you might as well have the real deal. It's what I imagine the croissants in Paris would taste like. Fresh out of the oven, we picked up some plain butter croissants and chocolatines to go along with our coffee. A delicious, truly decadent Sunday brunch!

Plain, all-butter croissant. Mmmm....

A true French pastry, the chocolatine.

The French Baker
119 Murray Street
Ottawa, Canada
613 789 7941

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