Saturday, 12 May 2007

Honey, You're So Sweet!

Posted by Bonita


I seem to have a fascination with making bread lately. Made a Honey & Fruit Focaccia the other day based on the recipe from Cook & Eat. I love focaccia. I usually make a very simple but very delicious fresh rosemary, garlic, sea salt and drizzled with good-quality olive oil, based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. But when I saw this recipe for a sweet version of focaccia, it piqued my interest and I had to try it. The recipe was simple enough, and I was even able to half the recipe with no trouble at all. Made the dough first thing in the morning, left it to proof for an hour while I went out to play some tennis, and came home to put the rest of the bread together.

I used red grapes for this recipe and normal honey, although next time I might whip out my special blueberry flower honey to add dimension to the bread. While this recipe doesn’t beat my usual savoury focaccia, it wasn’t totally bad either. It was definitely different with the hint of sweetness from the honey. I might try this again in the future with a different fruit and honey.


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, which means that I’m in charge of the kitchen all day. I already have the whole menu planned out, and I just finished making the soup for tomorrow, which is absolutely delicious. But I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow!

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