Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Feeling blue

Posted by Bonita

I just realized something: I’m Izzie. For those of you who are devoted fans of the series Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If I ever experience a bad break-up or something in the future, I’ll probably find myself facing a mountain of cupcakes or something that I had suddenly whipped up without even realizing it.

There’s something therapeutic about baking. Perhaps because it leads you to a predetermined goal: you know that no matter what, there will always be a cake, or muffins, or cookies (whether they were successful or not, mind you!) coming out of that oven. School and the imminent question over my future have been plaguing my mind lately, and needing to occupy my mind on something else for a bit this morning, I decided to relieve some of the stress in the kitchen. Thought it would be ironic to keep my “feeling blue” mood, so I dug around the freezer and found a bag of frozen blueberries. Score! Nothing like waking up to hot muffins straight out of the oven, right?

I used to have a friend who made one of the best blueberry muffins I had ever had. Unfortunately, I was never able to filch the recipe off him…or his mother. However, I have replaced those muffins with another recipe that I have found to be good in its own merits. I’ll be honest, I usually make these only in the summer, when blueberries are actually in season and I can use fresh blueberries rather than frozen ones. However, beggars can’t be choosers, and I HAVE to use my blueberries at some point before I move out in May.


These muffins take no time to put together, and half an hour later, you’ll have hot, yummy smelling muffins greeting you. Only trouble I had was when the fire alarm was set off (that’s what you get when you live with someone who accidentally drops things at the bottom of the oven and doesn’t clean it up!), thus forcing me to stand under the alarm with a tea towel fanning like a madwoman so as not to wake up my dearest Nicole. Brought them to my Italian class, since having food around to tempt me when I’m in one of my moody funks is NOT good. Let’s just say that they went over well, because there’s none left now!

For the recipe, go here.
(N.B. I usually replace the butter with vegetable oil, or a mixture of vegetable oil and applesauce, in order to cut down on the fat a bit. Also, if planning on using frozen blueberries, you might want to consider adding a bit more sugar since frozen blueberries have a tendency to be a bit tarter than fresh ones.)

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